Alternative Payment Methods

Find out about these other payment methods which you can offer as a business. NEW WAYS TO PAY With new technologies constantly changing the way we pay, it is inevitable that we are becoming a more cashless society. In response to this, innovative payment services have emerged to meet growing business needs and consumer demands. Continue reading “Alternative Payment Methods”

A How-To Guide on your next Fashion Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered how to go about your fashion photoshoots? It’s a great way to promote your products by generating stunning imagery to attract your customer’s attention, but there is so much to be organised for the shoot to go smoothly. Here is our checklist where we have summed up the key elements forContinue reading “A How-To Guide on your next Fashion Photoshoot”

How to use WeChat for business?

Why WeChat? With the fast-changing landscape of technology and social media, companies are always seeking new ways to stay in touch with customers to make for better interactions and customer experiences. We Chat also makes for a great addition to your existing marketing platforms and can help to target different demographics. WeChat has been growingContinue reading “How to use WeChat for business?”

Fashion Colour Trends 2019

Spring is just around the corner and we are on the hunt to deliver you with the key trending colours for this upcoming season. The Pantone Colour Institute which predicts colours for each year released a full spectrum of shades for the season ahead that consists of both warm, cool and neutral colours for yourContinue reading “Fashion Colour Trends 2019”