Alternative Payment Methods

Find out about these other payment methods which you can offer as a business.


With new technologies constantly changing the way we pay, it is inevitable that we are becoming a more cashless society. In response to this, innovative payment services have emerged to meet growing business needs and consumer demands.  Apart from the traditional payment methods such as credit card gateways, these new payment options are set to enhance customer’s shopping experiences both online and instore.  Businesses can also benefit by providing alternative payment methods as it helps to attract new customers and generate more sales with existing customers too who may find these options as a more convenient and more affordable way to shop.




PayPal is an online payment service that allows people to pay, receive and transfer money securely. Once a customer uses PayPal to purchase online, PayPal will approve the payment through necessary security measures and your business will receive the payment instantly. As PayPal has been established for many years, it is well-known and trusted by buyers from around the world and is easy to set up. For instance, we find Paypal useful as it allows us to send secure money requests to international customers to process their international order and shipping fees.

Apple Pay & Google Pay:

Research has shown that over 45% of online shoppers use mobile devices to purchase, so how can businesses make it even more convenient for these mobile shoppers? By integrating Mobile Payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay to your website, this saves the shopper from tediously inputting details and instead, process their payment seamlessly with their fingerprint or password.

Poli Payment:

To cater for those who prefer to pay via internet banking, Poli Payment (a business of Australia Post) is a great online payment option that businesses can offer to their customers. It is an alternative to credit card payments and still provides high security. Sometimes the payments can come through instantly, as we also offer Poli Payment for our online customers we have found it to be quick and easy for us to approve payments and send out stock.

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Afterpay is one of the most used interest-free repayment methods in Australia where customers can pay for their purchase in 4 interest-free instalments over 8 weeks. It has grown largely in popularity over the last few years, especially among businesses as Afterpay pays the full amount to the merchant straight away to minimise the risk of not recovering funds. It is also very well received by consumers who can ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’ so they can budget their spending. As a wholesaler, we find our customer’s love to use Afterpay online when stocking their stores as it gives them the advantage of paying it back as they sell-through.

Laybuy Pay:

Similarly to Afterpay, Laybuy Pay allows customers to purchase now and spread the cost over 6 weekly interest-free automated payments from their date of choice. It can also be offered both instore and online, allowing for an omnichannel experience. Much like the other companies listed, they offer seamless integration with many different POS and online systems.

Zip Pay & Zip Money:

Zip Pay and Zip Money are alternatives to interest-free payment instalment options for varying purchase amounts. It differs from the above in that it allows flexibility in repayment amounts and dates. As Zip Pay and Zip Money support greater amounts of transactions, it can benefit businesses by increasing order volumes. For customers, it works as an account system where every purchase you make gets added to your account and a statement is issued at the end of the month and can be paid back in full or meeting the minimum repayments.

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Credit Card Gateway


Poli Payment



You can use the above payment methods when shopping online from our collection of women’s clothing including jumpsuits, tops, and dresses.

Amber Glow Pty Ltd (t/a Style State) is simply discussing the above payment methods for educational purposes, the content is purely informational only and is not to be considered as recommendations, advice or guidance in any way. We are not associated with any of these companies mentioned, other than using their services. We will not be held accountable for any actions taken by you after reading this email.

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