A How-To Guide on your next Fashion Photoshoot

Have you ever wondered how to go about your fashion photoshoots? It’s a great way to promote your products by generating stunning imagery to attract your customer’s attention, but there is so much to be organised for the shoot to go smoothly. Here is our checklist where we have summed up the key elements for you and some tips that we have gained from our previous photoshoots.

Location/Venue Scouting

The location sets the overall feel of your images and finding a suitable location can be hit-and-miss. There are agencies which specialise in location scouting upon request. However, if you are on a tighter budget, you can also consider using Airbnb or other residential rental websites to source locations yourself. Often there are beautifully designed houses with photogenic interiors and outdoor spaces which you can book,

this gives you the ease of knowing you will have the place booked for your use only. While scouting locations online, look through the images and get a feel for how your images will turn out by envisioning the outfits in the space. Alternatively, side streets and open public spaces are also an option if you don’t mind people who might stop to watch.

Finding the Right Model

The model is a representation of your brand in the campaign, so it is crucial to consider if they fit your brand image and whether they are appropriate for your target demographic. If you are booking through a model agency, you can organise castings with them ahead of the shoot so you can see how the model fits the garments and how they are in person. Other options for models, you can search or get in touch with influencers on Instagram to see if there are interested. Our tip: Try to choose someone you feel would be easy to work with because it makes all the difference in energy and spirit of the shoot!

HMUA & Photographer

Hair/Makeup Artist and Photographer can be contacted via agencies or individually if they are freelancers. We recommend reviewing their website, Instagram or portfolio to better determinate their suitability via their previous experiences. Make sure to let them know about your ideal look and send through any aspirational imagery beforehand, the clearer you can be about what you want, the easier it will be for them to achieve it and avoid any creative clashes.

Styling & Themes

Organisation is key to a smooth sailing photoshoot. Put together a creative brief including a styling list of the outfits that you will be shooting and a mood board of the feel of the imagery, any inspirational poses you want the model to try and some angles for the photographer to consider. Each person on the photoshoot team should receive a copy so that everyone is clear on the goal. As for styling, if you need extra accessories or shoes for the photoshoot, you can either purchase them or perhaps try contacting other brands to see if they would be interested in collaborating in return for use of the images.

We hope this information is helpful to your business and for your future photoshoots, most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process!

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