How to mix day to night pieces in Summer

Simply switch out your top or bottoms,

change up the shoes

and you’re ready to live your best night!


Not sure how to mix and match tops and bottoms during Summer?

Here are some tips and tricks to ease the stress of mixing and matching day to night pieces.


We love a good flowy fabric in Summer but what happens if they’re what we wear on both the top and bottom layers?

The key here is to avoid doubling up with the same silhouettes. For e.g, if you are wearing a long flowy silhouette on your top half, avoid a wide silhouette on your bottom half as this tends to visually shorten your height. However, there are exceptions, where cropped flowy tops can be paired with highwaisted shorts and/or long flowy bottoms as the highwaisted bottoms elongate the wearer’s legs and the cropped length of the flowy tops helps create the illusion of a shorter torso.



Flowy pieces with a classic/minimal cut are formal occasion essentials whether they are to be worn to the office, formal event or even an interview. Hence, they’re a wardrobe essential. With tops, you can mix and match with shorts, skirts and pants. The possibilities are endless!


Not a fan of highwaisted shorts or short skirts? Highwaisted flowy maxi skirts and pants are a easy, fuss free solution to match with a variety of tops. They’re fun and functional, making it the perfect piece for you to travel from a day event to a night dinner.


More of a shorts person?

Shorts that include removable belts are a wardrobe staple as you can alternate between the included fabric belt or a leather belt. A simple change of a top, shoes and belt can elevate an outfit from a daytime look to a nightime look.

Highwaisted shorts are a safe choice in pairing both loosely fitted to tight tops as it visually elongates your legs. They’re fun but functional with most shorts including pockets which are useful for storing your phone and your essentials (which is so convenient on a night out after a long day working or just a day out).



Casual jumpsuits which have simple straps and minimal details that can be layered with or without a basic t-shirt or blouse during the day can be worn by itself during the night. To jazz up the look, simple accessorise with jewellery or a belt.


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If you stock more casual styles, below are some style suggestions

  • Strappy jumpsuits which can be worn with or without a basic teeshirt underneath.
  • Strappy dresses which can be worn with or without a basic top underneath.


If you stock more formal styles, below are some recommended styles that may work for you

  • Highwaisted corporate work shorts.
  • Sleeveless collared blouses which can be paired with highwaisted shorts, skirts or denim jeans.
  • Strappy single colour dresses which can be worn with or without a blouse underneath.


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