Playful but Practical, Jumpsuits/Playsuits

Whether it’s fashion disasters or fashion triumphs, we all know that trends never just stay in their original era, from high-waisted jeans to platformed shoes, the fashion world loves to recycle once loved styles for the new generations.

So true to fashion, Jumpsuits and Playsuits cycled their way back into style many years ago.


The real testament is that in the ever changing and competitive fashion world, they have managed to stay relevant and have concreted themselves as a staple in most stores and wardrobes.

This ability to stay current may be the practicality without compromising style. Playsuits and Jumpsuits have given an option to look just as dressy in a comfortable outfit.


Jumpsuits have given us the middle ground between a dress and a top and pants. If its not quite the occasion for a dress but you feel pants wouldn’t make the cut, you now have a whole new category in between, the Jumpsuit.

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Along with this we have the Playsuits, again becoming an option between a dress and shorts/skirts. Some flowy Playsuits give the complete illusion of wearing a short mini dress without the hassle of worrying about the length when moving around.


The Jumpsuit has not been shy to upscale events, Whether it’s the Hollywood red carpet or over the world at Spring racing carnivals, it’s safe to say that the Jumpsuit has officially made it onto the VIP list.


Jumpsuits or “Rompers” as they are called, are covering the hills and are plastered across the magazines.

“Who wore it better?”

“How to Style”

The Jumpsuits and Playsuits are the hot topic in Hollywood right now. Playful but Practical, this seems like a trend that is not on it’s way out anytime soon.


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