End of year Celebration outfit guide

It’s coming to the holiday time of year and we all know what that means, Jan from accounting is going to be throwing your hit office party and your bestie Tash will be hosting her annual holiday drinks.

During this time of the year, most of us are already using every spare minute preparing for the season, running around doing that last minute Christmas shopping.

Having the option to just walk into one store and walk out with an outfit for each occasion makes life a lot easier. If you want to be this haven of ease and time saving for your customers, keep scrolling down and view our breakdown of our holiday outfits for each occasion.


Holiday Office Party:

It’s important to cater for each kind of office party, if it’s at fancy venue then more dressy options will be needed. However, if it is more of a tinsel around the office with chilled champagnes and Doritos, a casual outfit would be more suitable.


The beauty of these kind of outfits is that they can easily cross over to be worn for other occasions so the risk of remaining on the hangers is slim.


Holiday Drinks:

It’s time for the annual holiday catch up and drinks. Whether you’re going out to nice bar or it’s a function at home, there is so much room for variation when choosing your outfit.


 With holiday drinks, you can go casual or chic and look fabulous in both. Any of the outfits above can be dressed up or down with ease, just by simply adding accessories.


New Years Eve Party:

When it comes to saying goodbye to the past year, It’s almost natural for us to gravitate towards the white and black outfits, something about monochrome paired with some silver jewelry just oozes New Year.


Black and white pieces are timeless staples that every girl loves to have in her wardrobe. Supplying for New Years doesn’t have to be daunting, stick with monochrome and they’ll be comfortable additions to your store.


Holiday Luncheons:

As the weather is heating up, holiday luncheons allow for us to show off some of our more fun and floaty daytime pieces.


These outfits aren’t limited to holiday luncheons, they simply go with the season and are brilliant summer additions as the customers begin to look for stylish but heat friendly options.


Christmas Eve Party:

“Twas the night before Christmas and all in the house”……the guests were arriving and the champagne was out.

If you’re hosting or attending a Christmas eve party then this is the time to show off a little red dress or a sophisticated teal get up.


If there was ever a time to stock some color, the next couple of months is it. The red dress is a cheeky staple and anything teal can be crossed over to many occasions.


If you want to get your hands on our items simply click the appropriate link below to shop.

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