Date Night Outfit Guide

Date nights can be both exciting and daunting.

We’ve all had that last minute phone call with our bestie, trying to decide on the perfect outfit to match the date.

“We’re going to the movies, do I wear a sweater?”

“We’re going out for lunch, is a dress too much?”

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! So, here at StyleState we have created a little guide on how to dress what for what kind of date.

Dinner and a movie – Wholesale Tops


Beach Date – Wholesale Jumpsuits:


Drinks and Tapas – Wholesale Dresses:


Shopping and Lunch – Wholesale Playsuits


Daytime Activities:


Brunch Date:


Click this link below to stock your store with date night ready outfits!


Loved what you saw above and want to buy it for yourself? Click the link below to browse our lovely list of Stockists!

Find a Stockist

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