Spring Racing Carnival Style Guide

The blossoms are out and the weather is warming, that can only mean one thing right?Yes, it’s time to start prepping for the Spring Racing Carnivals!

Fret not, here at StyleState we are always happy to give a little hand.

This blog will guide you to some style inspiration for this year’s carnival with a couple of helpful hints along the way.


Bold in Black:

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For those of you attending Derby Day or those of you who believe “black is the new black” all year round, look to these pictures for inspiration.

Keep your outfit chic by pairing with all black accessories or add a pop of colour.


Lace Lovers:

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The classical lace is a safe bet when attending any day of the racing carnival.

Feminine, soft and flirty. Perfect to compliment the backdrop of fields and roses.


Fierce in Red:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blog (1)

If you want to stand out, then go for this cheeky staple.

Nothing stands out like a girl red so prepare to turn heads in this fiery colour.


Colour pop:

Blog (1)

Make it an outfit to remember and go Bold and Bright this Spring Carnival.

These vibrant outfits ooze style and confidence and hey, it’s spring carnival so why not have fun with it?


Short and cute:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Blog (1)

Do you believe in quality over quantity? Well, short stylized dresses are the hot new trend at Spring Carnivals.

Embrace the girl next door look and wear something short and cute.


Wholesale Jumpsuit:

Copy of Blog (1)

Jumpsuits have been on the rise at the Spring Racing Carnivals. What once was never a common outfit has became the popular new addition.

Join the style movement in a comfortable yet ultra chic one piece.


Race Day Hints_ (2)

  • Take a pair of fold-able flats in your clutch – You’ll be on your feet all day and the transition from heels to ballet flats may be necessary.


  • Drink water – You’ll be out in the sun all day and nothing ruins an event like a headache from dehydration.


  • Pre-organise your ride home – Leaving the race course can be absolute chaos, no one likes waiting hours to get home.


  • Take a portable phone charger – when you’re looking as good as you will, pictures are sure to be taken throughout the day. Take a small portable charger so you can capture the moments without draining your battery.


Stock your store with Spring Carnival Dresses or Jumpsuits over at www.stylestate.com.au

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