Behind the Scenes of our Spring/Summer Lookbook Shoot

We absolutely love shooting our Seasonal look books, it’s always such an exciting day. Too exciting to keep just for ourselves.

So we have decided to take you behind the scenes for a peek into our Spring/Summer 2018 Look book Shoot.


Our Model:

OUR Model (2)

Our model was the lovely Lauren Courtney Smith.

Lauren was an absolute dream to work with, she wore our clothes with confidence and style and not once complained about the chilly winter weather.

Her naturally bright personality shone through in the images, wearing each outfit a different way with a different attitude to match the pieces.


Our Location:


We spent the day shooting in the beautiful countryside at the Mont du Soleil Estate in Emerald, just an hour out of bustling Melbourne.

With only a short drive it felt as though we were transported to a beautiful Tuscan escape. The grounds were visions of terracotta and pale blue, draped in vines with endless views of green fields and mountains.

This location had many different backdrops and complimented our new collection perfectly.


Our MUA:


We worked with the wonderful Deb Fabris, a Melbourne based hair and make-up artist.

She was an essential addition throughout the day, touching up the hair and make-up when the wind was not being our friend.


Our Setup:


We were set up for hair, makeup and accessories in a quaint little cottage on the Estate.

We shot this look book at the end of July, so it was a very cold day. This little cottage was our warm haven to re-group in-between shots.



Our snack and makeup station consisted of Vietnamese rice paper rolls, fruit and for the sweet tooth’s…some cookies.

It’s important to us to keep energized throughout the long shoot day with healthy and appetizing snacks.


Some behind the scenes snaps:


We love to take you behind the scenes of our photo shoots and give some insight into what goes into the production of our seasonal wholesale fashion look books.

Keep watching this space for more peeks behind the scenes and all things fashion.




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