What did we learn from Coachella?

Coachella is if anything entertaining, and I’m not talking the festival itself I’m talking the stories the styles and glitter. My News feed was full of people with drawn on mermaid scales and fake tattoos, I was able to live vicariously through peoples photos and videos.. Although I still felt massive FOMO about Beyonce’s performance, it is BeyChella after all nothing could be as amazing as the real thing.

  1. Sometimes people do actually dress for functionality. Those bandannas aren’t just for show. I heard lots of influencers complaining about how sore their throats were because of all the dust. It is a desert after all, I mean who would have expected dust.Bandana

  2. Glitter became uncool for a while between in 2016 and 2017, but in 2018… it was as though the glitter gods saved up all the glitter they hadn’t used in the past two years and threw it at anybody in the vicinity covering people in sparkles that would stay in their hair for weeks.

  3. . If Beyonce is performing people pay attention. Apparently music festivals are the perfect place for girl band reformation, so if you don’t want to miss out next I would suggest either start saving now or find a reliable live stream for next year.53cf6ed834fcaaf5f7a6faca73099d43

  4. Throwback sunglasses are a thing now. Get around it. Embrace the shades.Sunglasses caoche

  5. Basically copying any outfit from clueless is going to be a successful out in todays wholesale fashion climate.

    What did you learn from sitting on the sidelines of festival season and living through people’s Instagram feeds?

    Let us know in the comments!

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