Festival Fever

Dressing like you actually attended Woodstock in 69 seems to be a common thread amongst festival attendees, not in the sense that they’re dressing as hippies, but that they’re pushing the boundaries of style, creating a new era of trends. Coachella finished up yesterday; the festival fashion is no longer just Boho chic, it’s an art form in of itself.

‘pushing the boundaries of style’


Rebecca Black, the singer of the cult classic ‘Friday’ was seen at Coachella, and she looked right at home in her festival wear. Black’s outfit was a cute mix of wholesome street wear chic. The otherwise unremarkable (by Coachella standards) dress when paired with the nineties style tinted round sunglasses and a think choker necklace to create the perfect festival outfit.

Gucci! Gucci! Gucci!bad gal ri ri

It would seem any outfit was incomplete without a touch of Gucci or a Supreme fanny pack. Needless to say Gucci’s marketing team killed it pre Coachella, with everyone’s favorite Bad Gal Rhi Rhi sighted in head to toe Gucci straight from the runway.

Keeping things street wear casual with a subtle nod to the late 80s ‘Saved by the bell’ style was big this season. Bella Haddid wore denim cut off shorts with a white cotton crop top and a high pony topped off with a matching scrunchy. BELLA HAD

That’s right! Scrunchies are back again!

It’s a good thing red wine isn’t a festival staple because white on white on white is big this season!


^^ Alessandra Ambrosio strutting her stuff with her friends in coordinated outfits! #goals ^^

It is impossible to ignore the fact that Kim Possible was clearly a huge style inspiration for a lot of fashionistas this year. The style of tight ankled pants and black crop tops are unmistakably Kim Possible. Kendall Jenner is clearly out to save the world from the evil Dr. Drakken in this gorgeous outfit. Does that make Gigi the new ‘Ron’?


Keeping your look unique to you, seemed to be something people took very seriously throughout the two weekend festival. On occasion looks missed the mark and ended up looking like a costume from an ‘anything but clothes party’ .

Never the less, when it comes to festival wear always have fun with your style!

Image result for coachella friends

Embrace the free spirited fashion!

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