Date Night Inspirations

What to wear on a first date?

That’s a loaded question. No two dates are the same, as are no two people.

As Judy Garland once said (for all you Gen Z pals that’s Dorothy from the wizard of oz)

‘always be a first rate version of yourself’

And with that said let us inspire you, not tell you what to do.

Dates can be awkward and nerve racking activities; you don’t want to rock up in an outfit that you don’t feel comfortable in, that would just add too your nerves.


The above outfit is a great options if you’re looking for an outfit that lands somewhere between ‘I’m ready to walk the red carpet‘ and ‘this is a great barbecue‘. Outfit versatility is something you should consider when dressing for a date, you never know where your going to end up, dancing the night away or catching a sunset feris wheel ride.


Aside from be prepared for anything this outfit is hella cute! The fabric is an ode to the retro florals that popped up throughout Paris fashion week.


If your looking for something a bit more EXTRA then a fluffy coat is the way to go. It creates a chic look with minimal effort. Pair this with neutral colors to offset the statement piece and you’ve got one stylish outfit.

Enlight4Cute and Casual

Keep things cute and casual by wearing comfortable and of course cute items. The above outfit is simple yet still sophisticated, it allows plenty of room for food in loose pants and the cosy cardigan gives a comfortable easy going look. Show your date your not nervous, even though you totally are.


If your having one of those Netflix and Chill kind of dates try out this casual take on date wear. The outfit gives subtle nods to this seasons trends.  The cortoriod pants reflect the direction of fashion , they are representative of the nostalgic trends popular at the moment. The sweater is casual with a small pops of colour contributing to the overall aesthetic and tone of the outfit, and reflecting the trend of pairing neutrals with neutrals.



If your looking to wear your cortoriod pants but want to dress up you’re look, a great idea is a statement coat. Statement coats were one of the must haves at New York fashion week.


Accessorizing an outfit ties the looks together. This red beret is great option if your looking to spice things up and really throw yourself into the nostalgic wholesale fashion movement while keeping a cute and fun look.

Strut your stuff like you’re Cher Horowitz pals!Enlight5

If you’re like me and want to be glam but also cosy at the same time, then pairing a little black dress with a oversize slouchy cardigan is ideal. If a cardi isn’t a go for you, but you still want to stay on trend then try a over sized coat or blazer.


Now that you feel inspired and ready for your next date night check out the above items at the Style State website. 

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