Celeb Style

Style is in a constant state of development, which make getting bored with fashion difficult. Celebs are a great source of style inspiration and they tend to stay up to date with the latest trends.

The white boots of 2017 have evolved into bright colours and a statement piece for 2018; wear them with loose cut pants to create the on trend silhouette. Strong tailoring was all over the runway during the recent fashion the recent fashion weeks and this style is an easy to incorporate it into an everyday look.

The statement jacket/ over coat/ cardigans are gaining traction. To style the jacket, wear a basic underneath and let the overcoat get all the attention. On the contrary if you have a statement top wear a simpler jacket or no jacket to get the look.

Matching is back on the runways, celebs have been spotted working a full tracksuit look with Zendaya rocking up the red carpet in a white number and pant suits in all types of colours and pattern.
Let us know if there are anymore trends you’d like to hear about!


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