Trend Alert.

When deciding what to wear we look to those who are making waves in the fashion industry. Gigi Hadid has just come out with her Tommy Hilfiger collaboration and Kendall Jenner has been strutting around New York in outfits reminiscent of the 1980s. Fashion isn’t only in the hands of designers anymore; celebrities are some of the biggest fashion influencers of our time.

So what did they wear during the Autumn/Winter Fashion Weeks?

Oversized coats have grown in popularity for the winter months with the likes of Blake Lively, the Hadid sisters,  Rihanna and they don’t call her Posh for nothing, the queen of fashion herself,  Victoria Beckham all sauntering around NY fashion week in their oversized coats.

The tartan manufacturers whom, as I’m sure you all know, live in the Scottish Highlands surrounded by rolling hills and Haggis Festivals are rejoicing. The long awaited return of Tartan is here, throughout fashion week the historic fabric graced the backs of fashions elite.  Tartan pieces were popular statement items that made otherwise unremarkable outfits standout.

NY fashion week may have been tartan heavy, so if you’re not a tartan fan then stay tuned, I’m about to tell you about the other options.

The frequently referenced Gigi Hadid was seen working a bright pink long parker recently, Blake Lively was seen in a black jacket covered in rainbow polka dots, Emily Ratajkowski walked out of the Ritz in a bright red overcoat. Colour is in; keep it bright and playful for the winter months to forget the cold overcast days where you’d rather be at home eating chocolate and watching Netflix.

Block coloured outfits were spotted all over the streets during New York and Milan fashion weeks. Colour is thriving, bright yellows and pinks; don’t be too shy to show your colours. If block colours aren’t your thing try block patterns, models were seen in head to toe gingham.

Magenta wearers haven’t been riding waves, they have been making them.  The trend began last year and has came into its own during NY Fashion week with celebs spotted in head to toe Magenta and it’s safe to say they stood out on the busy New York streets.

If no one’s told you already have a good week and keep life stylish!

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